Technical Aptitude Class

Ball Mastery & Skills Development!


Course/Class Description

This course is designed to concentrate on areas of ball mastery and ball skills every player serious about playing soccer at college level and above should be familiar with by means of assignments and assessments. As opposed to attempting to hold online group sessions where an individual's performance and execution of specific drills could easily be missed, our classroom environment makes sure coaches don't miss a single touch. This course is a very demanding and will exponentially increase in difficulty very quickly as students' progress.

Course Goals

Often, these drills and exercises are not given the attention that they should be due to many reasons from availability to bandwidth. Our goal is to make sure not a touch is missed, not only by the coaches, but by the participants too, thus promoting ball mastery and skill development.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Students/participants will be able to perform basic ball mastery skills to a high level of proficiency while enhancing their attention to detail along with muscle memory. Motivation and self-drive will also be a huge factor in aiding completion of assignments the more student's progress.

Course Grading Overview

The grading is designed to be simple to follow and participate in. An example of how the course is weighted is as follows.

  • Assessments: 20%
  • Assignments: 80%

In addition, we have applied a grading scale that centers around a "Rubric" that looks not just at completing the assignments but how well or adept the participants are at completing them without errors.

Schedule of Activities

Assignments are designed to be easily completed with just a soccer ball in a limited amount of space, assigned weekly in accordance with the syllabus, only moving forward on successful completion with a passing grade as per "Rubric".

These assignments are to be completed for the most part by the student recording themselves (with either a mobile device or webcam) performing the assignment and turning it in for grading at their convenience within a set time frame. 

Assessments are carried out on a one-to-one online session basis at random intervals throughout the course's duration, where students are pressure tested to ascertain skill acquirement. Assignments and assessments are expected to range from 60 seconds to 30 minutes as students advance through the syllabus.

Materials List

Content for assignment and assessments will be provided through the classroom in the form of documentation, images and video, or links to such materials. Students/participants will be expected to thoroughly practice the prescribed drills in the assignment in order to aid turning in a meritorious piece.

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